Web Application Session Control

Main Function
Unexpected bulk access control
Ensure reliability with a waiting function for bulk access at unexpected times.
Real-time tracking user behavior
It provides real-time connection status tracking and user control.
Define real users
Provides information that tracks the service usage of the users.
Illegal BOT detecting and blocking
Track and block access to various types of Bot's behavior.
Trace of reading pages
Provides the number of exposures per page and the average exposure time.
Trace of pages load
Track resource size and load per page.
Trace of access type
Provides tracking information for new and revisited contacts.
Trace of access area and devices
It keeps track of contact information and area of ​​visitor and provides information.
Competitive Advantage
Track users by hour

The Hourly Users Tracking screen provides an intuitive, at-a-glance view of user distribution and tracking information about time users, waiters and breakouts on real-time websites.

Trace of reading pages

The Page Exposure Tracking screen provides information such as the IP of users of the website, the number of page exposures visited, and the path of page exposure tracking, which can be viewed by domain or date.

Illegal BOT detecting and blocking

Detect malicious Bots that are 40% or more of your Web site access and manage inefficiently growing system resources and traffic. TRACER provides the ability to track various types of Bot behavior and track and block source access that adversely affects the site.

Web Application Connection Control

TRACER is available in the form of a network appliance that does not require work on a separate website. This is a competitive product that can be applied quickly and easily by setting policies through the management UI without any link to site reorganization or adding new sites after initial site application.

Application Plan
Web Application Monitoring
Website users monitoring

The web application operator is always curious about which menu the visitor is looking at. TRACER will tell you which menu you are accessing and which information you are viewing in real time. Collecting and delivering this real-time information can be a means of making decisions to help develop new services and improve the services they offer in the future.

Waiting page
Various Wait Pages

Various wait pages can be created and provided for the type of site you operate. In the event of a sudden user panic, educational institutions can minimize inconvenience in using their sites, while Internet e-commerce sites can improve users' satisfaction by providing wait pages in various ways, such as promoting new products and advertising videos.

Use cases
Educational institution case

Inje University in Busan, which applies TRACER to its graduate school of education, living and contract departments, monitors students' access to websites and identifies the quality and information delivery of services that track and provide students' key interests. This will help improve the quality of the web services we provide and will serve as effective baseline data for building new information websites in the future.